Student  ARea
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This assessment is part of our initial assessment to enable us to ascertain your level and needs. You will be further assessed when you meet your teacher who will conduct a thorough needs analysis.

Please complete as much of the assessment  as you can without referring to any grammar books or assistance from anyone else. It is important that we get an understanding of your knowledge of the language.

This is not an exam so please do not worry if you are unable to answer any of the questions or complete any of the tasks.
8. Dove vai in vacanza la prossima estate?
7. Sei stato/a  in Irlanda?
6. Cosa ti piace fare nel tempo libero?
5. What do you like doing in your leisure time?
4. Dove vivi?
3. Hai fratelli o sorelle?
2. Quanti anni ha?
1. Come si chiama?
9. Cosa faresti se vincessi alla lotteria?
10. What will you do if you pass your exams with top marks or get a promotion at work?
Fateci sapere che cosa è il vostro mestiere e perché si desidera migliorare il vostro italiano?
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability in complete sentences