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Is there anything special I should bring?  
A good dictionary is essential and a small notebook for recording new vocabulary and an exercise book for taking notes. 

If you have any further questions check out our FAQ page. If your question is not there then please do not hesitate to contact us at
Are students allowed to smoke?  
All our teachers operate a  no smoking policy inside the house but  you can smoke outside the house.
What type of food can I expect
The food you eat will depend on your location with Mediterranean countries serving typical food. However food in England is now very international  and this is reflected in our teachers homes both in the UK and on the continent as the English Teachers are origninally from the UK. Students studying French, Italian or Spanish will find that the food they eat is typical of the area they are in. However students can make requests and if you let us know beforehand we can make special arrangements for you.  
What if I become unwell?  
There is a reciprocal arrangement between EU countries, but you should ensure that you have the necessary documentation with you to be able to access the Health Service  of the country you are visiting – check with your Department of Health before leaving. We can arrange for you to visit a doctor, or if necessary, for a doctor to home-visit you. Please also make sure you have taken out adequate travel insurance.  
Do I have to do homework or self-study?  
Your teacher will give you  around an hour’s homework each day to follow on from the lessons and to prepare for the next day. It is also a good idea for you to read English newspapers or magazines.  Watch ing  TV,  DVDs, listening  to the radio, either on your own in your room or with your teacher and family is also beneficial to your learning.  
What do I do if I need to contact my office?  
You can always liaise with your teacher. It is usually a good idea to  phone work before lessons start. You can also call work during the coffee break and during  the afternoon if necessary.

Will I have internet access?  
All teachers have internet access at home.  Most teachers have WIFI which will  enable you to access the internet through your wireless laptop if you need to.
Will I be able to use my mobile phone?  
Yes, as long as you  have a ‘roaming’ facility . However as  international calling rates can be quite expensive. You can arrange beforehand to have your office, family or friends call you on your teacher’s landline but not during lessons except in case of a true emergency.  
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