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Topics  covered  in Pre Intermediate 1 :

Welcoming a patient on admission –
o describing parts of the body
o giving instructions to a patient
o taking and recording patients’ observations

Caring for a patients after an operation –
o caring for a patient in recovery
o talking about pain
o checking an IV prescription

Caring for terminally ill patients –
o Talking about feelings and showing empathy
o discussing pain relief
o using a palliative care pain assessment plan
o telephone skills
o managing a patient enquiry
o using patient information leaflets
Describing your nursing role –
o Describing wounds  
o Helping patients with ADLs Activities of Daily Living
o Duty of Care
The pre-intermediate course is a total of 30 hours on a homestay course and can be divided into 2 stages of 15 hrs each. or more.  We also run this course in certain centres on a part time basis or at your workplace.
Please contact us for further details.
Topics  covered  in Pre Intermediate 2 :
Research techniques –
o research project of choice
o retrieving information
o  presentation at the end of the course
Helping patients with rehabilitation –
o discussing a patient’s progress
o helping a patient with meals
o explaining safe swallowing, reassuring a patient before an unpleasant procedure,
o using a food chart, telephone skills – making a referral
Mobilizing patients –
o helping a patient with mobility aids,
o getting a patient out of bed,
o using slide sheets
o using a hoist
o completing a moving and handling assessment
Helping patients with diabetes management –
o doing a blood sugar test
o asking a patient for consent
o completing a personal diabetes plan
o talking about lifestyle and diabetes
o explaining how to use a diabetes pen