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At the beginning of your Homestay your teacher will complete the European Framework Chart to assess your level.
This will be repeated again at the end of the course so that you can see the progress you have made.
If you would like to book a course, please complete the online booking form.   
After you’ve booked we can get back to you with teacher profiles suitable for you. We look forward to receiving your booking.
Homestay learning provides a safe, secure learning environment for children. You really do make progress with our highly intensive homestay courses particularly as your course will be designed with your specific needs in mind.
Adult students can get general advice as to the expenses they will have during excursions - outings. Young Learners do not have to pay for entrance fees to museums etc. As this is covered in the £50 young learner supplement fee.
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Whatever your age or interests we can match you with a suitable teacher to suit all your requirements. Your lessons as well as your social programme will be designed according to your needs and interests. There is a wide range of locations allowing you to choose the perfect place  for study and vacation. Intensive study with your teacher is followed by  conversation with the teacher and family or friends.


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