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A Selection
of Student Reviews
of their English Homestay
My stay in Cambridge was great. I was a little worried before I went because I was alone but I made many friends with the family and their friends. I learned so much because my teacher was always there to help me. Cambridge was fascinating but we also visited many  other places and we even went to London for a day. I really enjoyed punting on the river.
Gina Young Learner 2 week 15 hour course. Cambridge
I went to Worcester (Cotwolds) in Autumn. The place was beautiful and I really enjoyed being there. My teacher was very nice and patient with me. We went to many places and even Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare was born. I would like to come here again. My English is very much improved now and I think that this is the best way to learn.
Roberto  General English 2 week 25 hour course. Cotswolds
I didn’t think I could learn so much English in Florence. My teacher spoke English to me all the time and I spent time with so many English people and English speaking people.  I was able to learn English  in a beautiful city and enjoy being in Italy. My teacher was very good and I learned very well.  The course was very intensive and I had many lessons. In my free time it was enjoyable to go out with my teacher and his family.
Amelia 4 week 30 hour  Business English course. Florence
I always wanted to go to Spain but  I didn’t really need to learn Spanish. I wanted to learn about the Spanish culture and life but I needed to improve my English to pass my IELTS exams. So I went on a homestay course for 3 months. I worked hard with my teacher every day. But then I could also relax in my free time either with my teacher and his friends or even go out with some friends I made. In the end I learned very well and had a good time as well.
Gunter  3 month  English for Exam course. Barcelona
My reason for doing a homestay course was because I wanted t study the International Baccalaureate in at a boarding school in England.  I wanted to stay in France but I wanted an intensive full immersion course as I needed to make good progress quickly.  My teacher was wonderful. I not only improved my English but also study skills and subject knowledge.  This course has been very helpful for me now as I can understand my lessons in English and write my essays.
Monique 4 week  Academic 20 hour course.  Lyon
My name is Frederica. I am happy that I went to learn English at the home of my teacher.  This was a very good experience for me. I was not in my home but I felt like it was. Everyone was so nice to me. My teacher was very good and patient with me. I learned a lot of English and now I speak much better that before. At school my teacher says I have made a lot of improvement. I also made some friends that I send emails to.
Frederica Young Learner 2 week 15 hour course. Nice
I never thought that I could learn so much in such a short time. I need English for my work and social life. I had the full attention of my teacher and could ask all the quetions I wanted. My fluency has really improved and I am  so much more confident now when I have to talk to clients on the telephone or in meetings. I just did a general English course  this time and next time I might try a business English course.
Luke2 week 15 hour course. Venice
We are friends and we wanted to study together. So we did a 2:1 course together and we had a lot of fun. We studied in the moring with our teacher who was very nice. Then in the afternnoons we went out with our teacher and friends or sometimes we went to places nearby and our teacher would come an pick us up. It was all very good and the best was that we spoke English all the time. We also went to Barcelona, it was fantastic.
Katia and Uma Young Learners 2 week 15 hour course.