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First name
E-mail Address
Why would you like to be a Homestay teacher?
What are your strengths as a teacher?
What do you find challenging as a teacher?
Do you prefer teaching in front of a class to one to one?
Do you enjoy teaching one to one?
How do you manage lone working?  (as homestay tutors work alone)
What problems might you envisage with private tutoring?
How would you ascertain what your student’s needs were?
Would you be happy to complete our record sheets and progress sheets?
How do you motivate your students?
What type of activities would you use in your teaching?
How can you improve your student’s fluency?
How can you improve your student’s accuracy
How can you improve your student’s vocabulary?
How would you accommodate your teaching to suit younger learners?
What skills are important for your student to learn?
What would you do if you had a problem with one of your students?
What problems would you envisage occurring?
Please complete this form as comprehensively as possible.
Your answers will be discussed in a telephone conversation and/or during your home visit