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Intensive Language Courses in Europe
Below are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to study with us.
All European Homestay tutors are qualified and experienced  teachers.

Teachers are required to provide copies of certificates for degrees, diplomas and teaching qualifications.

All teacher documentation such as curriculum vitae, certificates and teaching records are kept on file.

European Homestay teachers are carefully selected, interviewed,  home visited and inspected.

Teachers are contracted only after references have been received.

All teachers work under strict guidelines and signed contract.

There is a code of conduct for all personnel.

Teachers’ homes are comfortable and the student accommodation is of a good standard.

Teachers are monitored and under the instruction of the Director of Studies.

All teachers have been CRB checked.

Young learners are supervised at all times.

There is constant supervision and testing throughout the course.

At the end of the course student progress is evaluated.

Students receive a report card at the end of their course with advice for future learning.

Students receive a certificate to reflect the course and improvement they have made.

Students are provided with didactic material

Students with special needs are welcomed.

Students are encouraged to give feedback and any dissatisfaction is investigated with compensation if deemed appropriate.

There are stringent procedures for registering, monitoring and assessing  all students.

All lessons are personally tailored to suit the needs of the student.

All students are provided with pastoral and academic care.

The social programme is tailored to  suit student needs.

All students are tested prior to commencement of their courses..